Episode 17 | Generation Why? Zadie Smith's Take On Our Online Existence

March 14th, 2019 · 55 mins 49 secs

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The Jacksway Collective is back after a minor hiatus! Brendan, Sarah, and Jhana sit down to talk about Zadie Smith's essay "Generation Why" in her book "Feel Free." Zadie Smith's essay examines the generational gaps between herself and Mark Zuckerberg. She asks questions about his motivations, critiques his ideas around "connection," and challenges our society's willingness to buy into these platforms.

The gang dives into their own Facebook habits, their experience with online advertising, and wraps it up with an EPIC monologue from Brendan on Justin Timberlake vs The Backstreet Boys, which you can not miss.

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Generation Why:

Literary Writers and Social Media: A Response to Zadie Smith

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