BONUS | The Talkbox: Love Up on a Plate

February 19th, 2019 · 31 mins 27 secs

About this Episode

Sometimes, the best stories are hidden in plain sight. Underneath a modern soul, sample driven record by Mr. Jukes, aka Jack Steadman of Bombay Bicycle Club, is the tale of how clashing cultures can recover from conflict through art and expression. Join host Brendan Tuytel as he delves into history to illuminate how a new release came to be and how it has meaning as an emblem of an era.

This is an experimental audio essay separate from the regular Jacksway Collective podcast. Every once and a while we'll be releasing these audio essays from Brendan while continuing with our regular podcast cadence. This is a highly produced piece of bonus content meant to supplement our regular podcast production. Thanks for listening!

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Sro - Bring Back

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